I gained my SAG eligibility on a National VW spot in 2011. I never felt compelled to join because I always relied heavily on independent films to obtain my footage, and have some practice in front of the camera. Times have changed. There's new media contracts everywhere SAG Ultra-Low to Low Budget films popping up everywhere. I felt it was the right time to take the plunge. After years of bouncing back and forth I'm happy to have become part of such a wonderful organization.

"The Day After" - 3 Short One-Act Plays from Athena Theatre

I was lucky enough to be part of the 2nd annual Women in Theatre Festival - Athena Theatre presents The Day After: three new short plays written by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Nora Sørena Casey and Lia Romeo. The show took place at the new ART/New York Theatres on Wednesday, June 21st at 8PM. 

At the beginning of this year I made a list (with all of my irreplaceable classmates at Anthony Abeson Studio) of all the things we wanted to accomplish/work on/improve on throughout the year. Doing more theatre work was towards the top of my list. I feel fortunate to have had a few opportunities so far this year, this being one of the biggest and most rewarding. I hope to encounter more projects like this in future, or work with some of these talented folks all over again. 

Below are a few pics of our last tech rehearsal before we opened the house, and some info on Athena and the plays themselves. 

A little bit about the plays:

Shut Up and Dance by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
It’s Inauguration day. Dance for the newly anointed pussy-grabbing president? A lone Radio City Rockette says no way. Now she’s out of the spotlight, hunkering down in a beat up motel, and needing the one person she snubbed since she “made it” — her mom. 

Resistance Training by Nora Sørena Casey
Nina feels hopeless and helpless in the aftermath of the election, something Chrissy just can’t accept—because Chrissy is her personal trainer. It is time to get fit, no matter what. 

The Morning After by Lia Romeo
Kristen wakes up with a hangover and some serious regrets the morning after Trump's inauguration.

Director: Ria T. DiLullo
Production Stage Manager: Kateryna Turkalo
Assistant Stage Manager: Sophie Max

Featuring: Isabella Dawis, Briana Gantsweg, Melvin Lima and Marilyn Oran


Athena Theatre Company is dedicated to developing and producing
contemporary, off-beat and irreverent psychological dramas and darkcomedies that challenge traditional stereotypes. We strive for theatre that entertains, informs, enlightens, questions and deepens audience awareness to vital modern issues. We endeavor to actively and responsibly invest in new voices for the stage by nurturing writers and promoting original works; especially in regards to gender, politics, race and religion. We aim to become an important and necessary force in both our community and our country. The Athena Theatre Company has productions in both New York and Los Angeles and is a 501(c)(3) Organization.

WRAPPED - Midnight Girl (short film)

Midnight Girl - Kate is a studious high schooler who has retreated into a private world after the shame of being sexually assaulted at a party. When she meets Olivia, a "cam-girl" who exudes confidence and sexuality, Kate has an unexpected night that brings her to question what she really wants.

It was wonderful to get an opportunity to work with director Christina Yoon and her hyper-talented crew. I was instantly a fan of White Rabbit.

CiCi's Pizza National Commercial

A fun little CiCi's National Spot that I shot back in February is making it's rounds on multiple networks! It's a great feeling to have friends and family around the country reaching out because they've run into the spot. CiCi's pizza kept me nicely fed during my college years so it's nice to have them nourishing me all these years later - just in a slightly different context. 

You can see the spot on my Commercials page or my Vimeo page

The Grind now available on Amazon Prime

The Grind
Starring Victor Girone, Pascal Yen-Pfister, Samantha Opitz, Melvin Lima, Al Pagano

Very proud to announce that The Grind is streaming on Amazon Prime! Our entire team poured so much of themselves into this and made the self-less call time and time again.  With so much more to give, I hope that we can shoot the entire series soon. Feeling blessed but not without looking forward. 

WRAPPED - Emotional Intelligence (short film)

This was a special project for me for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I got to work with Alexandria Collins. She's an incredibly fierce actress and undoubtedly fearless. Watching her tackle such an immense role as an actress, while maintaining control of the production as a director was a true inspiration.

From IMDb - "'Emotional Intelligence' is a dreamworld science fiction thriller set in the "mind" of Mara, a young woman going through a traumatic experience wherein she loses and attempts to regain the ability to control her reaction in the moment."