Master Class with Maggie Flanigan

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Very excited to have auditioned for and been accepted in Maggie Flanigan's Master Class! 

Classes start February 17th! Looking forward to taking another step into deeper and more organic character development.  Here's a brief description of the class:

"This Master Class is an advanced study of character and style in modern language plays.

It will be an in depth exploration of character and how the world of the play shapes and contributes to the actor's interpretation. We will work with playwrights that have defined the modern age."


I'm extremely excited to see an article about our short film getting such great circulation. It truly was a wonderful experience to work on this project every step of the way - brainstorming, writing the story, shooting, the extravagant premiere and now we're lucky enough to have people around the country read about our film.

Looking for to the next step - festival submissions! 

Here's a full list of every publication that picked up the AP article on WYNWOOD and the Reel Miami Project:

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"Courting Mae West" Staged Reading

Very excited to be part of this project! I will be reading alongside some very talented actors including Darlene Violette of the StandUp Showcase.

Saturday, November 23 at 2pm

Discussion and Performance:Mae West Returns to the Scene of the Crime at Jefferson Market Library. 425 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave and 10th street) 

Open to the public, please come by!

This afternoon we present scenes from "Courting Mae West: Sex, Censorship and Secrets" - unlocking the same chamber where Mae West faced off with the magistrate in 1927 when the space was used as Jefferson Market Police Court. 

Along with the staged drama, there will be a discussion "Mae West: Sex, Censorship, Prison, and Politics" by LindaAnn Loschiavo, a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, who was commissioned to write the cover story for the summer issue of The Dramatist.

William Esper Grad!

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My 2 year adventure at William Esper officially ended tonight! It's a very exciting time as I look forward to new experiences and opportunities on my journey. I'm going to miss leaving the studio night after night and seeing this beautiful quote, but what i'm really going to miss is the people I came to know well enough to consider family.